Out Of Inferno

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The film stars two estranged brothers in Guangzhou, Tai-Kwan and Keung, who work as firefighters. The last time they spoke with one another was during the funeral of their father, four years before the events of the film. Keung, now retired from firefighting, operates a fire protection systems company. In the beginning of the film, he holds a celebration of the opening of the office of his company. Meanwhile, Tai-Kwans wife, Si-lok, is seeing a gynaecologist. The company and the doctor are in the same building. A fire breaks out in the basement and travels upwards. Tai-Kwan, who submits his resignation before the fire breaks out, sends in his unit to fight the fire. Keung finds Si-lok and struggles to rescue her.

Genres: Action

Artist: Angelica Lee

Director: Oxide Pang Chun Danny Pang

Country: China

Duration: 107 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

Top IMDb: 5.7

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